Life is Fine

I went down to the River

I set down on the bank

I tried to think but I couldn't,

So I jumped in and sank


I came up once and hollered!

I came up twice and cried!

If that water hadn't a been so cold

I might've sunk and died


But it was

Cold in that water!

It was cold!


I took the elevator

Sixteen floors above the ground.

I thought about my baby

And thought I would jump down.


I stood there and I hollered!

I stood there and I cried!

If it hadn't a-been so high

I might've jumped and died.


But it was

High up there!

It was high!


So since I'm still here livin'

I guess I will live on.

I could've died for love ---

But for livin' I was born.


Though you may hear me holler,

And you may see me cry ---

I'll be dogged, sweet baby,

If you gonna see me die.


Life is fine!

Fine as wine!

Life is fine!

                -Langston Hughes-

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